Old No. 7 October Beer Festival

Old No. 7 October Beer Festival took place on 1-4 October in my favorite pub.
Here’s a report from this beer feast.

Evening in the Old No. 7

This past weekend Acorn Brewery organized in his pub Old No.7 beer festival.
Have managed to gather quite a big review of the beverages.

We had to choose:

  • regular offer of Acorn Brewery enriched with some new (a total of 8 beers in casks);
  • guest ales from a few breweries from the south of England (several types of cask-ale);
  • several guest kegs;
  • and of course, bottled beers from around the world;
  • In addition, more than a dozen of ciders and perry’s.

Lovers of good beer, there were quite a lot: Friday and Saturday was really crowded.
With my friends visited this festival place three times and we were able to taste many of the host beers

In previous post I presented a pub Old No.7 and mentioned that during weekends and special occasions run an additional room with a bar in the basement.
So it was this time

Old No. 7-second bar

The local Acorn Brewery were represented beers belonging to regular offer of this pub, ie. Barnsley Bitter, Yorkshire Pride, Blonde, Old Moor Porter and Gorlovka (my reviews of these beers I will post on another occasion)
Besides them there were still three othersEndeavour IPA, about which I wrote recently; Secret Affair (pale ale with fruit and citrus notes, but quite quickly ended, and I was not to be with him to get familiar) and Pretty Green.

Pretty Green is a light refreshing beer with a nice, straw-light green colour and clarity aromas of citrus. Used here the First Gold Hops from this year’s harvest. Alcohol content of 3.5%.

Pretty Green from Acorn Brewery

Driftwood Spars are microbrewery of Saint Agnes in Cornwall. We had the opportunity to try three beers from them.

Blackhead’s Mild it’s a bit like porter brown ale (or more accurately, mild style not often seen) – brown colour, maltycaramel flavor, with a strong smoky note and moderate bitterness. ABV 3.8%

Blackhead's Mild from Driftwood Spars

The second beer from this brewery is Lou‘s Brew.
Lou is co-owner of the Driftwood Spars Brewery and it was from her name was called this beer. Lou loves bright light ales, with citrus aroma – and that this is Lou‘s Brew. There is also the slight aroma of breads, plus a breath of blossoming meadows – the ideal beer for the summer
. ABV 3.8%

Lou's Brew from Driftwood Spars

The successful at the festival Alfie‘s Revenge is the strongest beer from an offer of Driftwood Spars (ABV 6.5%).
Bronze medal winner in the competition organized by SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) in the category Premium Strong Beers 2015.
A deep, catching in red colour, very malty in flavor and aroma, bodied ale could provide a lot of pleasure

Alfie's Revenge from Driftwood Spars

From the Sunny Republic (Winterborne Kingston, Dorset) I tasted the Red Bus IPA beer, which also aroused great interest in their dark-red colour.
Crisp malty aroma and the same flavor, light sweetness, full-bodied, but as for India Pale Ale slightly weakly bitter
. Alcohol 4,8% vol.

Red Bus from Sunny Republic

Microbrewery Kingston Farm lately brews its beers at the brewery Sunny Republic.
From there comes ale Rotavator IPA.
Very pleasant to the taste beer with a golden colour and a nice white head. Quite full-bodied, with citrusfruity note. ABV 5.5%

Rotavator from Kingston Farm

The Isle of Purbeck is another brewery from Dorset in southern England.They came to us from there five beers.
Studland Bay Wrecked is interesting coloured ale – ruddy-orange-red. Perceptible aroma of malt, caramel. In additionally fruity taste, moderately bitter. Alcohol content 4.5%

Studland Bay Wrecked from the Isle of Purbeck

Purbeck IPA is a beer with a copper colour and white head. Malt aroma. The taste malt as well, in addition fruity notes and moderate bitterness. Quite enjoyable in perception ale. ABV 4.8%

Purbeck IPA from the Isle of Purbeck

From the same brewery I also drank Purbeck APA.
The colour of old gold, white head. Slightly yeasty aroma with fruits. The taste is also palpable tropical fruits. Moderate bitterness. ABV 5.0%

Purbeck American Pale Ale

In addition to the above mentioned beers in casks, during the festival it was also a few kegs.

One of them was very interesting beer from the brewery Burning Sky (Firle, East Sussex). This beer is Saison L’été. According to the brewery: it is brewed with the addition of elderflower and is added after fermentation gooseberries. Besides partially apply here the wild yeast – all of this is to give an unusual, slightly tart flavor.
Look at the colour: bright, straw, slightly greenish. White head, which is maintained by the continuous pearling beer. The beer has hazy aroma of yeast-lime. The taste of citrus, herbal, fruity, slightly tart, slightly sour.
It was served quite chilled, which makes it very refreshing

Saison L'ete from Burning Sky

I noticed three beers from the brewery Magic Rock – I tasted two of them.

Magic Rock Brewing is an independent brewery from Huddersfield (West Yorkshire). It’s not often you meet their beers in stores, their products direct to distribute mostly in casks and kegs.

One of them is Carnival. It’s pretty golden ale covered in white head. Slightly malty, but mainly fruity, citrusy with a slightly resinous hint. Very pleasant summer, sunny beer. 4.3% ABV

Carnival from Magic Rock

Quite different is Dark Arts. This, in turn, stout (as defined by the producer: Surreal Stout), fairly strong (6%).
Brewery likes experiments, eg. this stout they produce with added cocoa nibs or rosehips or raspberries, or aging in barrels after sherry or red wine. And just this version we have currently in Old No.7 Red Wine Barrel Dark Arts.
The colour is black, with beige small head. Taste: coffee, dark chocolate, light tartness (as if cherries), a little wine (dry wine, of course), and hop bitterness at the end.

Dark Arts from Magic Rock

I asked also about the portion of Derwent Valley Porter. It comes from North Riding Brewery (East Ayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire). This is a very young microbrewery its first beer directed to the sale in March of this year.
I must admit that this porter is excellent
Very dark colour, glossy ruby, light beige lasting head. As for ABV of 4.5% would be expected a little bodied, but on the contrary there is no such feelings. We feel coffee, chocolate, malt, the bitterness from the hops, clearly smoky notes, and even a little nuts.

Derwent Valley Porter

At last, I arrived to the end of the report from Old No. 7 October Beer Festival.
I drank and presented here in total over a dozen beers, but peace of mind (or rather sober) I gave myself three days to become acquainted with them
Really was worth it.
These all tastes convinced me that the pub Old No.7 is a really great place in Barnsley to explore ever new beers and still new breweries, and often those micro- that have limited distribution, for example due to their low volume of production.
If in your neighborhood will be held a beer festival (no matter: large, small or tiny) – be sure to enjoy.

Best regards

Doctor Ale

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