Parabellum – Gun Brewery in Milk Stout version

Here’s another beer from Gun Brewery. This time it is a sweet stout called Parabellum.


Some time ago I described India Pale Ale from the English brewhouse – Gun Brewery. In that post I presented briefly the brewery and I shared my impressions from tasting beer called Zamzama.

Today, standing in front of me a can called Parabellum and it is, as quote the inscription on the label, a milk stout.


Milk Stout

A lot about the style known as stout I wrote describing beers from Guinness brewery – so there is no need to repeat this information.
However, it is worth to mention about its variety called milk stout, or otherwise sweet stout or cream stout.

The main difference between dry stout and milk stout lies in the fact that the latter is sweeter, more bodied.
That sweetness is derived from the lower level of bitterness, and a higher content of dextrins – carbohydrates from the starch, which are not fermentable and remain in the beer, giving it bodyness.
In addition, is often added milk sugar – lactose, which is also not fermented by the yeast. And it is most often due to the lactose content this stout is sweet and hence derives its name – milk stout.

Milk stout is an English version of stout, and, interestingly, the use of this name, suggesting the addition of milk, in England been banned by law in 1946, due to the rationing.
So, to this day is used interchangably the name – sweet stout.


Man With Gun Lives Here


Returning to Parabellum, it is worth to pay attention to the description in the back of the can, explaining the meaning of the symbol, which is the logo of the brewery.

A hobo, who lives through odd jobs, is often exposed to various dangers.

These wanderers apply the system of signs, which are to inform or warn of possible intruders.

This symbol drawn with chalk on the wall says: Man With Gun Lives Here.



Like all beers from Gun Brewery, also Parabellum is unfiltered, without the addition of fining agents.
It is brewed from a combination of malts: barley, roasted chocolate, oats and wheat. And with the addition of lactose, of course.


Name: PARABELLUM (Sweet Stout, alc. 4,1% ABV)
Brewery: Gun Brewery (Heathfield, East Sussex, England)

Expiration date: 31/01/2017 (can, 330ml)

Parabellum from Gun Brewery - beer (1)
Parabellum from Gun Brewery - can
Parabellum from Gun Brewery - beer (2)
test-look-small Colour of beer is dark brown, almost black.
Foam is light brown, medium height, fine-bubbles, compact,
– drops to the thin layer.
test-sniff-small Leading aroma – coffee, and basically – cappuccino, with a hint of milk chocolate.
There is a touch of roasted malt. There are also dark fruits, licorice.
Perceptible is also a note of alcohol.
test-drink-small The taste is semi-sweet, semi-dry.
We have here the sweetness of the chocolate, there are dark fruits, for example dried plums, a caramel malt, note of vanilla.
Dry part of flavour is espresso coffee, roasted malt, toasted bread.
Current is also light acidity.
Bitterness is moderate: coffee with a hint of cocoa.
Finish similar – coffee, also with a touch of roasted malt.
Medium bodied. Low saturation.


As I grabbed for this Parabellum, it was hard for me to be away from it.
Already aroma is very pleasant: fresh coffee, but with a dry hint of roasted malts and with fruits.
Taste is two-profile: sweet and dry. Once penetrate each other, then go together, but still we feel the sweetness of chocolate and fruits, and on the other hand, espresso and roasted malt.
Bitterness is moderate – coffee with a hint of cocoa, and finish slightly stronger, the coffee with roasted malt accent.
This stout is really delicious, very drinkable and well balanced.




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