Pendle Witches Brew – They are witches!

This time, another beer from the Moorhouse’s Brewery.
Pendle Witches Brew – They are witches!


As I mentioned last time Moorhouse’s Brewery is located in Burnley, Lancashire.
The name of beer that I present today and the image of the witch on the label directly related to the events that took place in 1612 in Lancashire.

These were turbulent times in the history of England; the period of superstition and religious persecution – the time of the witch hunts.

And then members of two families from Lancashire, named Demdike and Chattox, were accused of witchcraft.
Two families, led by two old women – Demdike and Chattox – provide the most important and memorable of the reputed witches. The men of their families were dead and living a life of terrible poverty, they made a living by begging and finding whatever work they could.

A series of fatal events started with the fact that the granddaughter Demdike, Alizon Device, tried her luck begging somewhere on the road. After a minor disagreement with a pedlar, she cursed him. A black dog then appeared and she ordered it to lame the pedlar who, paralysed on the left hand side, collapsed.
Alizon put on trial, where she confessed to witchcraft.

She told how her grandmother Demdike was asked to heal a cow, and the cow died soon.
She testified that Demdike cursed Richard Baldwin, and soon after his daughter fell ill and died.
She said as Chattox turned ale sour at an inn at Higham, as well as led to the death of the son of a local landlord using clay image.

Demdike confessed to evil doings, claiming that the devil came to her in the shape of a little boy named Tibb. Apparently he had sucked her blood leaving her mad, etc., etc.

The fact is that twelve people (ten women and two men) were convicted of witchcraft and imprisoned in a dungeon in the Lancaster Castle.
Demdike died there, some stayed in the dungeon, the other hanged.


Pendle Witches hanged

But enough of this terrible story. Now is the time for pleasure.

The hero of today’s post is Pendle Witches Brew classified as English Strong Ale (5,1% abv).

Brewing Industry International Awards is ‘Oscar’ of the brewing industry. This beer from Moorhouse’s won the silver medal in this competition in 1996.

Unfortunately, other details about this ale brewery does not specify. When it comes to the most important, that smell and taste, it is immediately check myself.


Name: Pendle Witches Brew (English Strong Ale, alc. 5,1% vol.)
Brewery: Moorhouse’s Brewery Ltd. (Burnley, Lancashire, England)

Expiration date: 31/10/2016

Pendle Witches Brew beer
Pendle Witches Brew labels


test-look-small The amber colour.
Head is creamy with small- and medium-sized bubbles, falls quite slowly, its remains are to end
test-sniff-small This smell malt, caramel, bread, fruity (raisins).
test-drink-small The taste is clearly malty, caramel, brown sugar flavor.
Fruity notes. Slightly palpable alcohol
With these slightly sweet dragons contrasts quite clear bitterness. Bitter aftertaste.


Pendle Witches Brew it’s pretty decent ale.
On the one side the sweetness of caramel and fruit, on the other stark contrast of bitterness. Bitterness easily rinse another sip of ale, after it has tempted the next sip and … so many times you can repeat.
Really tasty beer.



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