Pistonhead Full Amber – flaming skull from Sweden

Today, double unusual beer. First lager, second from Scandinavia. What is this beer?
Pistonhead Full Amber – flaming skull from Sweden.


Beer fits well into atmosphere of Halloween night. On the bottle label we have the skull: decorated with paintings and flaming in addition.
This is skull Calavera, traditionally produced from sugar or clay, decorated and used in Mexico during the celebration of Day of the Dead.


Mexican Day of the Dead

Beer in this modest-looking bottle came from Sweden.

Spendrups Bryggeri AB is a Swedish brewing group, which includes three breweries, headquarters are located in Stockholm, and it employs 800 people.
A group of several employees Spendrups, probably bored of production still the same light lager, decided to give vent to their ambitions and creativity so they began the production of their own beer. Still working in the company, after hours” realize their projects as Brutal Brewing AB.

Brutal Brewing

And precisely from this brewery came today’s beer: Pistonhead Full Amber.

As we read on the label it is dark, full-bodied amber lager with 6% ABV.
It uses the following malts: pilsner, dark caramel, melanoidin, crystal.
In the brewing process uses five varieties of hops:

  1. Magnum (German hop for bittering and aroma)
  2. Perle (German variety of aromatic hops; gives a flavor slightly spicy, minty, fruity)
  3. Cascade (American aromatic hops; aromas of tropical fruit, also used for bitterness)
  4. Citra (like Cascade, additional notes of citrus)
  5. Centennial (American blend of Brewers Gold, Fuggle and East Kent Golding, gives a strong citrus flavors).

This beer is 35 degrees IBU.

To tell the truth I can not wait to check how it tastes. So now proceed to organoleptic tests.


Name: Pistonhead Full Amber (Amber Lager, alc. 6,0% vol.)
Brewery: Brutal Brewing AB (Sweden)

Expiration date: 04/08/2016

Pistonhead Full Amber Lager
Pistonhead Full Amber labels


test-look-small Colour: dark amber, tint of red.
Light beige head, falls to form a ring, remains on the glass.
Medium saturation
test-sniff-small The aroma of malt, caramel, citrus, tropical fruits.
test-drink-small The taste of malt, caramel, tropical fruits, citrus, floral notes.
Lightly sour.
Bitterness medium, crisp and pleasant to feel


Pistonhead Full Amber is a very interesting lager.
Malt with caramel on the one side, in the middle – citrus, tropical fruits and flowers, and finally not very strong bitterness.
This beer is drunk really with pleasure



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