Pumpking – Evil imprisoned in a bottle

At the end of the Halloween series not pleasantly looking Pumpking – Evil imprisoned in a bottle.


Halloween – the exact origin of this celebration is not known.
Perhaps it dates back to the Roman feast in honor of Pomona, or the Celtic festival to welcome of winter

Celtic Druids believed that on this day fades boundary between the other world and the human world of the living, and the spirits, both bad and good, are easier to get into the world of the living. Ancestral spirits were worshiped and were invited into homes, while evil spirits were deterrence.

Over 2 thousand. years ago in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern France on this day was bids farewell summer, greeted the winter and celebrated the day of the dead.
Under the influence of Christianity custom began to fade. In 835 years the Christian feast of All Hallows Day was moved from May to November 1st. Christian churches opposed the celebration of Halloween entering the All Souls’ Day.

Irish immigrants brought the tradition to North America in the 40s of XIX century.
The custom of celebrating Halloween has remained and is now celebrated mainly in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

The name Halloween is probably the condensedAll Hallows E’en”, or earlier All Hallows’ Eve the eve of All Saints Day.

One of the symbols of this holiday is the lantern with a hollow pumpkin, so-called Jack-o’-lantern.
The history of Halloween lantern comes from Ireland. Jack-o’-lantern meant for Irish farmers will-o’-the-wisp, thought to be the souls of the dead.


And just from such a bad version of Jack we deal with today’s beer label.
Information Evil Pumpkin Beer leaves no doubt

As we read on back label, Jeff Drew (Head Brewer of Wychwood Brewery) reports that the production of this beer uses pumpkins and mace spice.

Mace is a nutmeg flower – red sheath that envelops the nutmeg. After drying is orange, and is used in powder form.


nutmeg and mace

How it tastes, promising to be quite incredibly, another beer from Wychwood?
I can not wait, so I reach for the bottle
of Pumpking.


Name: PUMPKING (Bitter/Pumpkin Ale, alc. 3,8% vol.)
Brewery: Wychwood Brewery (Witney, Oxfordshire, England)

Expiration date: 31/08/2016

Pumpking beer from Wychwood
Pumpking labels


test-look-small Amber-copper colour.
Head high, but rapidly falling, are only its remains
test-sniff-small The smell of hops, malt, caramel and fruits.
test-drink-small The taste of beer is mild, toned.
Perceptible malt, caramel, subtle notes of fruits and spices
Carbonation seemed small, but in the mouth is clearly noticeable.
Bitterness rather average, but well sensed


Pumpking is a light beer in drinking. It is rather watery, but it felt carbonation and crisp bitter aftertaste filling it with content.
The aroma is pleasant, the taste is mild. Well quench the thirst, but it lacks some of the announced bad character.



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