Schlenkerla Weizen – Do you like smoked bananas?

I continue series presenting beers from Heller brewery. Today an interesting combination: smoked wheat beer, which is Schlenkerla Weizen. I share my impressions from tasting – welcome to post.


I really like beer in the style of Hefeweizen.
Suits me their aroma and flavour full of cloves, bananas, coriander. I like their sweet-bodied and refreshing carbonation.
Presenting on the blog German wheat beers I not hid my preferences. Perhaps in the long run they are a bit repetitive, but nevertheless I always happy to drink a glass of Weizen.

I’m curious, but also a little afraid, how can taste the banana-clove Weizen connected with smoked flavour of ham or bacon.
No wonder that for today’s tasting I approach a little wary.


Schlenkerla Weizen from Heller Brauerei - bottle


Schlenkerla Weizen, or in full name Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen, is a wheat beer – classic hefeweizen, where the wheat malt was not smoked. Smoky flavour comes from the addition of smoked barley malt, which is only part of the the grist (the brewery does not specify in what proportion).

The beer is unfiltered and conditioned in the bottle, as befits a classic Weizen.
He won several medals and awards, including regularly wins medals in Australia.


A little stage fright so I now proceed to open a bottle with this highly promising original beer.


(Smoked Weizen, 5,2% ABV, ext. 13,2%, IBU 20)
Brewery: Heller Brauerei (Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany)

Expiration date: 10/2016 (bottle conditioned, 500ml)

Schlenkerla Weizen from Heller Brauerei - beer 1
Schlenkerla Weizen from Heller Brauerei - labels


test-look-small Dark brown colour, under the light – dark caramel.
The beer is cloudy, unfiltered.
On the bottom of the bottle – suspended yeast sediment.
Foam light beige, quite high, fine bubbles, quickly falls – thin film hardly covers the surface.
test-sniff-small Aroma of smoke, smoked (not overwhelming)
combined with aromas typical for Weizen: there are cloves, banana, as well as fruits, malt, chewing gum.
test-drink-small The most characteristic smoky flavour is perceptible as the first.
I not associate it with smoked meats, although the taste of bacon is present,
but rather just with smoke from some aromatic wood, the smell of bonfire.
I immediately sense the flavours of Weizen: there are cloves, bananas, but in addition to them, other fruits.
There is the corny sweetness from malt.
Notes of yeast are quite clear. Some slight sour is also present.
Carbonation is medium in the direction of high. Medium bodied.
Slight bitterness marks its presence somewhere in the background.


Schlenkerla Weizen from Heller Brauerei - beer 2


Schlenkerla Weizen is amazing.
Described above are only some of flavours that I felt, and I was able to describe – everyone will recognize his own set. The beer is in fact a very complex in terms of the amount of aromas and flavours.
The omnipresent smoky flavour brings a lot of nuances to taste.
The beer is balanced, smoked does not dominate, everything permeates each other.
This is one of the most unique beers that I drank.



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