So.LA – Dark Mark in Los Angeles

Dark Revolution is a microbrewery from Salisbury. Today I open their beer So.LA in style American Pale Ale.


Dark Revolution from Salisbury


Dark Revolution is very young brewery. It was founded last year, their first beer came to light at the end of 2015.
It is located in Salisbury, southern England.

For now, their website is rather modest, current information are placed in social media (facebook, twitter). We can follow the process of formation and development of a new brewery and their subsequent products.

Their logo is intriguing and eye-catching – it reminds me Dark Mark from Harry Potter 🙂 This logo is present on the labels and caps.


The beer, which I will taste today bears the name So.LA.
This name, I think, refers to define the southern area of Los Angeles. Packaging tells us that we have to deal with the West Coast Pale Ale – clues lead us therefore to American Pale Ale style.
A little more about West / East Coast IPA and the American Pale Ale I wrote in this post – I invite you to read it.

I found on the network information that So.LA is hopped by Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe varieties. I hope that the information is correct.
And now, without further descriptions, I turn to taste – let beer defends itself.



Name: So.LA (American Pale Ale, alc. 4,5% ABV)
Brewery: Dark Revolution (Salisbury, England)

Expiration date: 31/01/2017 (bottle 330ml)

So.LA from Dark Revolution - beer (1)
So.LA from Dark Revolution - label
So.LA from Dark Revolution - beer (2)
test-look-small Beer naturally cloudy, unfiltered, at the bottom of the bottle – yeast sediment.
Depending on the viewing angle colour amber-orange or golden-yellow (such curiosity).
Foam is white, low.
test-sniff-small The original flavour – very fruity. Sweetly fruity.
An interesting set of fruits: tropical, citrus, but also apples, pears, apricots, peaches, melon.
In addition, the sweet note of honey.
test-drink-small The beer is light in flavour, very drinkable, but it is also a very complex.
There is a sweetness of fruits in a rather uncommon combination
– next to citruses (tangerines, sweet oranges), there are also: delicate mango, apricot, melon.
We can enjoy them until will not come unhurriedly bitterness – now clearly citrusy, with seeds.
Approaching it from a distance, is not dominant – is very coherent with the sweetness, resulting in contrasted duo.
Only finish is stronger: citrus, grapefruit, dry, with resinous touch.
Carbonation at a medium level.


So.LA from Dark Revolution - beer (3)


So.LA from Dark Revolution is refreshing and very drinkable ale.
Extremely original aroma, in which we find a wealth of fruits from around the world (tropical, citrus, but also apples, peaches, melons). Honey note in the aroma promises sweetness, which is found in taste.
This sweetness, in which can recognize elements of malt and caramel, is mainly fruity. Slowly appends to this a grapefruit bitterness, creating a well harmonised duo.
Stronger accent is finish – dry, citrusy with a hint of resin.
Beer well-arranged, aromatic, tasty and refreshing.





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