Sour from Crate Brewery – hibiscus and passion fruit

Today on the blog another sour beer is a guest. This is a very original experiment of London brewery Crate, called Sour.


Crate Brewery from London


Crate Brewery is a relatively young brewery. Was founded in 2012 and works in London.

Beautifully situated in Hackney Wick (east London) over the canal Hertford Union. The brewery has the original and stylish at the same time furnished a pizzeria and a bar. It is also a place for all kinds of events and activities.

Crate Brewery in The White Building



Feel free to visit the website Crate Brewery. Greet us right away picture gallery which is a record of life of the brewery from the beginning to the present day.


Sour beers

The beer, which today I’m going to taste is Sour. That is its name, which refers to the style in which it is brewed.

Beers in sour style already visited the blog.
I remind that some time ago I reviewed Salty Kiss – own version of the style gose of the Magic Rock Brewey and Tartelette from the Redchurch Brewery in the style of berliner weisse. Both styles belong to the same family of sour beers.

About these styles, you can read more there, but now I recall only that sour beers are beers of spontaneous fermentation.
These beers, also called “wild”, eg. type of lambic, not fermented in closed vats, but on the contrary – broth is poured on flat trays with open windows so that it can settle in the wild yeast Brettanomyces and bacteria from the air.
For the sour taste they are also responsible Lactobacillus, or lactic acid bacteria.


How is made beer Sour from Crate Brewery – I do not know, but the fact is that in character it refers to beers wild-ale type, that is spontaneous fermentation beers.

To those mentioned by me lambics are often added fruits, eg. cherry, black currant or peach.
To this version of Sour added hibiscus flower and passion fruit.

What will be the final result? I’m really very curious.


Name: SOUR – Hibiscus and Passion Fruit (Sour / Wild Ale, alc. 4,9% ABV)
Brewery: Crate Brewery (London, England)

Expiration date: 03/06/2016 (can 330ml)

Sour from Crate Brewery - beer (1)
Sour from Crate Brewery - can
Sour from Crate Brewery - beer (2)
test-look-small Beer in red colour, opalescent, opaque.
Foam is white, low, unstable – remains only a ring on the surface.
test-sniff-small Aroma that comes out of the can, and then after pouring from glass,
from a distance is a fruity-floral.
When you bring the nose to the glass you can feel the fruits: raspberries, strawberries,
but combined with a clear hint of sourness it gives the impression of slightly fermented fruits.
In addition, noticeable are clear accents of cheese, which may seem not very pleasant,
but, however, they are fairly typical for the sour beers.
test-drink-small Surprisingly, the beer in taste is quite pleasant and refreshing.
Already from first sip is detectable dominant, strong sour taste (the flavour of lemon juice, sour hibiscus).
This acidity fairly quickly passes, but in the meantime we feel the fruits: raspberries, passion fruit note in the background.
There is a herbal accent, slightly tart, a little salty – replaces the typical bitterness, which is not here.
Finish slightly tart, sour-dry, with a salty taste on the lips.
Carbonation fairly high.


Sour from Crate Brewery - beer (3)


Sour from Crate Brewery, in hibiscus & passion fruit version, is very extravagant beer.
Already the use of hibiscus and passion fruit makes it a very original product.
Quite controversial for some may be aroma, that is fruity (reminded me of a slightly fermented strawberries), cheesy and sour at the same time.

The taste is refreshing; sour hibiscus refreshes and energizes. Fruity notes contrast nicely with the acidity resembling the lemon juice. Blend harmoniously here a herbal accent which adds tartness and dryness. There is also a salty note clearly perceptible by me.
Although the Sour not quite I enjoyed (mainly because of the aroma), I’m glad that I could taste this original beer experiment.



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