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After 25 years from the birth of the famous Spitfire ale and at 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain announced the birth of Spitfire Gold.


Not so long ago I described here the best-selling beer of Shepherd Neame BrewerySpitfire.

And here recently to celebrate the double anniversary announced the birth of Gold.



Spitfire brand manager William Upfield said: “We feel that Spitfire Gold is a fitting way to honour those heroes who fought bravely in the Battle of Britain and celebrate the Spitfire plane itself, a Great British icon. It also helps raise awareness of our mammoth year-long fundraising campaign for the RAF Benevolent Fund during 2015 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.”


Spitfire Gold is available for sale from September this year as caskale, and recently also in bottles.
It is bitter with an alcohol content 4.3% in a colorless bottle, the same as Spitfire.

On the back label we have information about used hops.
These are varieties: Challenger (for bitterness) and Centennial (citrusy flavours) i Saaz (Czech variety, spicy herbal aroma).

It promises to be good. The label, the colour of ale and the information above encourage quickly familiarize with gold – so I don’t wait any longer.


Name: SPITFIRE GOLD (Bitter, 4,3% ABV)
Brewery: Shepherd Neame Ltd., Faversham, Kent, England

Expiration date: 10/2016

Spitfire Gold from Shepherd Neame
Spitfire Gold, labels & cap
test-look-small Golden-amber colour.
White head with fine bubbles, slowly falling
test-sniff-small In aroma we have malt and caramel.
Additionally fruity notes, but need to be a little search for

Taste is mainly malty, hoppy.
It is light sweetness from the malt, it is light sour.
Bitterness small mild
Although noticeable carbonation is fairly high and it gives the impression of fullness,
however, this is rather watery beer


Spitfire Gold is such a mild version of Spitfire. While those beer is much more bitter, Gold is delicate in flavour even though it also ranks among the bitters, but it closer to the classic pale ale.
The only pity is that it was not equipped with a richer range of flavour.



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3 thoughts on “Spitfire Gold – British golden icon

    • Doctor Ale Post author

      Yes, indeed. English beer from the batch imported to Australia, bought in the supermarket ASDA which is a part of American Wal-Mart. The World Is Not Enough 🙂

  • TJ Fagan

    Terrific! I’m a former US military pilot and history addict. My father used to tell me of a second cousin who flew for the RAF during the Battle of Britain. What a tremendous group of men and what an effort by your entire country. Sorry it took us so long to enter that war but at least together we all achieved the desired results. Victory.

    I served in the US Marine infantry and then with US Army as a helicopter pilot. During my time in the Marine Corps I was assigned with a unit that went to Northern Norway to train with the British Royal Marines and the Norwegians. What a great time we had. Your Royal Marines are Top Notch!

    So, now to the “important” question! Is this beer available in the US? If so, where? If not, is there any way to order some? I’d love to try it and to save a few for display and honor in my military room. Thanks, and Cheers to all!