Spitfire – The Bottle of Britain

I continue military thread: recently I tested Bombardier now the turn of Spitfire.
I take place in the cockpit – time for The Bottle of Britain

Shepherd Neame map


Shepherd Neame is an independent regional brewery founded in 1698 in Faversham (Kent, United Kingdom). It is the oldest brewery in the UK.
It can boast of exports beer to 35 countries around the world. Is the owner of more than 350 pubs and hotels.

There will be many a chance to write more about this brewery, because they have in their offer some really good beers.
Today, however, I will go straight to the presentation of our hero.

Spitfire is Shepherd Neame’s biggest-selling cask conditioned ale.
For the first time it was created in 1990 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The name was given in honor of the British Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft, which was one of the most famous combat aircraft during World War II.

It is worth mentioning that at Spitfires, during the Battle of Britain, also fought Polish pilots. Polish Squadron 303 was counted among the best fighter units during the war. In 1940, were attributed to him 126 certain enemy aircraft shot down, which puts it in first place among fighter squadrons fought in the Battle.

Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale, is the winner of a Gold Medal and Best Strong Cask-Conditioned Beer of the World at the Brewing Industry International Awards.


PGI logo Spitfire is a product of protected geographical indication (PGI) awarded by the European Union for the protection of regional products and ensure their authenticity.
The same is protected eg. French champagne, an Italian Parma ham or Polish oscypek cheese


From the beginning promotion of this beer is accompanied by wide advertising campaign. It is conducted with tongue in cheek, in the comic style. Frontmans of Spitfire are two British comedians: Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller, acting as RAF pilots during the Second World War. In the web can be viewed ads with their participation, their images are present on posters.


Armstrong & Miller

4x Armstrong & Miller

You should also pay attention to the packaging of this beer.


The Bottle of Britain On the sticker contour of the Spitfire aircraft and inscription: The Bottle of Britain, which is obviously a play on words referring to the Battle of Britain.
Spitfire cap Spitfire beer cap, presents the logo Royal Air Force (Air Force of Great Britain).
Such signs were, among others, Spitfire planes during the Battle of Britain


In addition, numerous banners with humorous slogans (their extensive selection I present below).



I have to admit that the whole circle around this beer is impressive and also very nice.
It is no wonder that I gladly took the tasting Spitfire

This year we have 75 anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which was reflected on the label.

Instead of the typical inscription on the sticker (The Bottle of Britain) we have totally serious: 75 Battle of Britain.
Part of the production has a cap with the logo slightly modified:

RAF Benevolent Fund logo

It is the benevolent fund that works to employees of the RAF and their families (Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund).
On the label of beer we find information on how donate £3 to the foundation.

But I’m going back to get acquainted with the beer, because it is after all the main aim of my today’s entry.

So, I open a bottle

Spitfire Premium Kentish AleSpitfire labels

Name: Spitfire – Premium Kentish Ale, alc. 4,5% vol.
Brewery: Shepherd Neame Ltd., Faversham, Kent, England

Colorless bottle. Expiration date: 09/2016


test-look-small The colour of beer is amber, colour of tea.
Head is high, but fairly quickly perforates and falls however, the film is accompanied us to the end.
Saturation as ale is quite high – all the time present are few bubbles
test-sniff-small The aroma of low intensity, we can find some notes of malt or weak fruit especially after warming beer.
The smell, however, is anemic
test-drink-small Taste, like smell, it is not surprising diversity.
In fact, it is reflected mainly bitterness and although it is not too strong, it is of a type of permanent, defaulting.
In addition, the notes of herbal bitters, which give the beer taste slightly spicy, dry


Unfortunately, Spitfire is not surprising taste anything positive.
The aroma and taste of beer are miserable, poorly intense.
It seems to me that this beer has to taste to a wide consumer and does not taste like ale, so as to reach for it fans of different beers to quench thirst.
I appreciate all the areola around beer, historical references etc., but the beer itself is weak



In order not to part with Spitfire in the minor mood I propose to the end viewing funny commercial, under the title ‘German Spy(though I’d happily called it ‘Menschen Shit’ 🙂 ).



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