Spooks Ale – devilish work from Shepherd Neame

Today, the oldest English brewery haunted its the Halloween liquor – Spooks Ale.


About Shepherd Neame Brewery I mentioned when describing their flagship beer Spitfire.
Today I’m going to try their seasonal productSpooks Ale.

Quote the inscription on the label it is “The official ghost brew for All Hallows”.
Dripping trickles stains of blood do not bode anything good. Evil forces here had its share.

Spooks Ale is a seasonal beer, available in October and November.
Is sold under the brand nameNo.18 Yard Brewhouse’ (the name comes from the address of cask store of brewery).
Shepherd Neame has created a range of innovative limited edition beers under its ‘No.18 Yard Brewhouse’ brand, using experimental brewing ingredients.

For the production of this beer brewery he used two types of malt: crystal and roasted brown.
In the process of brewing hops is added four times. Uses three varieties of hops: Target (for bitterness), Challenger (It gives palpable bitterness and rich fruity, slightly spicy aroma) oraz Styrian Goldings (for spicy aroma).

In my neighborhood it is not easy to buy this beer, but managed to
With curiosity, I turn to the new beer tasting.


Spooks Ale beer

Spooks Ale labels

Name: Spooks Ale (Premium Bitter/English Strong Beer, alc. 4,7% vol.)
Brewery: Browar: Shepherd Neame Ltd. (Faversham, Kent, England)

Expiration date: undefined on the packaging.


test-look-small The color of strong tea, copper, with a tinge of red-ruby.
Creamy head, pretty high, falls, but its remnants remain until the end
test-sniff-small The smell of malt, caramel, toffee, milk chocolate.
test-drink-small The taste of malt, caramel, some chocolate, some coffee.
Besides hop citrus notes that are immediately covered with a very definite, strong bitterness.
The bitter aftertaste is really strong and unexpected. After the initial sweet aroma and malty mouthfeel we get a huge dose of bitterness that keeps for a long time and is the kind of lingering.


I admit that I am perplexed.
Spooks Ale it’s quite unusual beer. We have typical for a strong ale components of flavors: malt, caramel, chocolate, coffee, citrus notes.
Surprisingly, however, we get a powerful dose of bitterness, which is not the most pleasant. Suppression receiving other flavors and we feel it even a long time after drinking beer.

As we read on the label: “The memory of this beer will haunt you forever!
There is something about it. This taste haunts me.
To such an extent that I’m going to again look for Spooks Ale in stores.




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