Vertigo from Salopian Brewery – black dizziness

Today, tasting in the film mood. Why? Look at the name of the beer. Here is Vertigo from English brewery – Salopian.


Salopian Brewery from Hadnall, Shrewsbury


Brewery Salopian at the beginning was called Snowdonia Brewery. It was founded in 1994 and was located in North Wales.
A year later was moved to Shrewsbury, where under a different name – Salopian, operates to this day.

Shrewsbury is a town in the English West Midlands, Shropshire.
In Old English, usually called inhabitant of Shropshire, and Shrewsbury – Salopian. This name is also used at present and hence the name of the brewery, of course.

The plant progressively grows and expands.
Started out as a small brewhouse with a capacity of 2 barrels. In 2000, the brewery was already 10-barrels, five years later – 15-barrels.
From 2014 Salopian Brewery is a plant with a capacity of 50 barrels.

The brewery has its own shop and bar.
Offers beers in the form of casks, kegs and bottled.
Beers are divided into two sections: permanent offer and Black Range series.

And just today beer on the blog – Vertigo, comes from the “black series”.



Vertigo – this word I associate invariably with the title of brilliant Alfred Hitchcock’s film from 1958. Starring in it: James Stewart and Kim Novak.
The main character of the film, as a policeman, then a private detective suffering from acrophobia – he has then dizziness, or title vertigo.
This is one of the best films of Hitchcock, thriller holding constantly in suspense, with unexpected twists and incredible music additionally intensifying atmosphere of uncertainty.
The movie is considered one of the best in the history of cinema, is on the forefront of many film rankings.

Vertigo effect, also known as a dolly zoom, is a camera recording method which changes the perspective of the background without changing the perspective a foreground. Then we have the impression as though the same background, only rear plan, approached us or moving away from us.
In the Hitchcock’s film this effect was used for the first time, which was to show us the result of ailments of the main character.

Vertigo, is also the name of the disease defining sensation of spinning, imbalance, swinging, which is the result of disturbances of vestibular system.


Excuse me this film digression; I love Hitchcock’s Vertigo – I could not resist.
Can it be the same with the Vertigo Salopiana?
I’ll see about that in a moment.



Name: VERTIGO (Black IPA, alc. 7,2% ABV)
Brewery: Salopian Brewery (Shrewsbury, West Midlands, England)

Expiration date: 06/2017 (bottle conditioned 330ml)

Vertigo from Salopian Brewery - beer (1)
Vertigo from Salopian Brewery - label
Vertigo from Salopian Brewery - beer (2)
test-look-small In the the glass, after pouring, beer seems to be black and impenetrable.
Only at the end of consumption, while the beer is already a little, you can see the brown colour and the ability to stain glass.
Foam beige, high, fine-bubbles
– falls forming lacing, maintaining its creamy texture.
test-sniff-small The aroma is mostly hops and everything that brings together
– citrus fruits (grapefruit), a clear hint of resin.
There are also dark fruits (plum flavour) and chocolate,
as well as a bit of roasted malt and a hint of alcohol.
test-drink-small In taste sweetness combined with dryness, or rather – they compete with each other for dominance.
Sweetness is a cereal, malty, with a touch of chocolate.
There are notes of sweet fruits (especially plums), is also palpable licorice.
On the other hand, is the dryness of coffee, roasted malt accent and grapefruit.
Dry part is responsible for the building of bitterness,
in which additionally we find resinous notes and herbal-hoppy.
The finish is definitely bitter, we have in it: coffee, cocoa, roasted malt, pine, citrus seeds.
Richness at medium level and saturation at low.


Vertigo from Salopian Brewery - beer (3)


Vertigo is a gorgeous black India Pale Ale.
Even the colour, and then aroma announce strong flavours experience.
Beer smells bitter citrus, resin and chocolate. These elements be found in taste, where sweetness is struggling with dryness. The malty sweetness, coated in chocolate, competes with bitter coffee and grapefruit. Spices are plums, licorice and pine.
Clear bitterness builds firm finish where we find coffee, cocoa and roasted malt with resin and bitter seeds.

One bottle probably not be enough to induce vertigo effect, but after the second… who knows. I think that alcohol could be a cause of vertigo, but surely we can stun by aroma combined with the richness of flavours.
This beer is a true masterpiece that guarantees us an unforgettable sensory experiences.





Vertigo from Salopian Brewery - beer (4)


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