Violent Shared from Opperbacco, or Bachus from Notaresco

Today, a representative of Italian craft – session India Pale Ale named Violent Shared from the brewery Opperbacco.


With what we associate Italy, when we consider the Culinary?
Pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, cheese, espresso, and of course wine.
And what about beer? I think generally Italy in no way associated with beer.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Italy is at the forefront of European beer revolution.
This explosion of craft brewing began in Italy, in 1996, when it arose three breweries having a key influence on the local development of a new brewing. These breweries are: Baladin (Piozzo, region Piemont), Lambrate (Mediolan) and Birrificio Italiano (Lurago Marinone, region Lombardia) – after them en masse went followers.
Craft brewing was seen in Italy as something strange, eccentric, even insane. Distribution of beers in pubs was very difficult, so started cooperation with restaurant sector. It turned out that a wide range of styles had merged with the Italian culinary culture.
Seeing a new market trend also owners of pubs have started to offer beers from craft breweries.
Around the beer began to create a community, arose associations.
Were opened and still are open another new breweries, that are not afraid to experiment. Currently in Italy, it operates nearly 900 microbreweries. Still arise new shops and dining options specializing in craft beer. It is also developing homebrewing.


Violent Shared from Opperbacco - bottle


Opperbacco brewery, from which the beer I will try today, was founded in 2008 in Notaresco (Abruzzo region, central-eastern Italy).
Its founder Luigi Recchiuti, deciding to set up a brewery in the region famous for its wine, had to act in defiance of tradition, which is reflected for example in company logo depicting Bacchus. This character on the famous picture by Caravaggio holds in his hand a goblet of wine, on brewery’s logo instead of wine Bacchus holds a glass of beer.


Opperbacco logo


The brewery is located in the former stable on the farm, which was owned before to Luigi’s father.
Surroundings of the brewery is beautiful: olive trees, vineyards, fields of wheat, barley, sunflowers and a view of the mountain range Gran Sasso.
Brewhouse has a capacity 20 hectoliters. The owner puts on quality, and its beers have quickly become one of the most sought in the country.


The following short film is basically an impression being a mixture of paintings of classical art, pop art and quite modern elements of pop culture combined with images from the brewery Opperbacco. All topped a remarkable music of genius Tom Waits.



Opperbacco “The Movie” from BirrificioOpperbacco on Vimeo.



Beer called Violent Shared it’s Session IPA, which means India Pale Ale with a relatively low alcohol content. Previously had 3,7% ABV, at this time is 4,1% ABV.
Extract level 9,1° Plato, level of IBU is here up to 110 units. It can be expected so really express bitterness.

Were used malts: pilsner – as the basic, carahell – for foam and the aroma, and frumento, that is wheat.


  • Chinook (variety of American high bitterish, brings aromas of fruits, grapefruit and resinous),
  • Mosaic (American, very aromatic – tropical fruits, mango, lemon, resin)
  • Cascade (American, aromas of citrus, grapefruit).

In addition to the aromas of hops further strengthened the flavour profile of beer by addition of grapefruits and lemons.

Particularly noteworthy is the shape of the bottle – shaped like a simple, but very sophisticated.
And the label, which I tried to show in all its splendour, because it’s really worth it.

Time to remove the cap with Bachus from the bottle and start today’s tasting.


Name: VIOLENT SHARED (Session IPA, alc. 4,1% ABV, 9,1°Plato, IBU 110)
Brewery: Opperbacco [cooperation with Iumbe] (Notaresco, Italy)

Expiration date: 03/2016 (bottle 330ml)

Violent Shared from Opperbacco - beer 1

Violent Shared from Opperbacco - labelo

Violent Shared from Opperbacco - cap


Violent Shared from Opperbacco - beer 3



test-look-small Yellow colour with a tinge of orange.
The beer is cloudy, unfiltered.
Foam very high, initially fine-bubbles.
When pouring the beer it is very carbonated, but quickly degassed,
whereby in the foam comes medium and large bubbles
– it perforates and falls a little, but its coat remains until the very end.
test-sniff-small Aroma intensive and very enjoyable.
We have in it hops, citruses, tropical fruits, notes of pine and resinous.
test-drink-small The taste is a whole lot of grapefruit (including peel and pips) and lemon notes (beer is slightly sour).
Are present notes of malt – is a little of sweetness and taste of malt, although it is dominated by citruses.
Bitterness is intense, spread on the back of the tongue, slightly tart (like after bite of citrus pips).
They are present resinous notes.
Aftertaste is already a really intense bitterness of grapefruit, with a dry tart, as pips.
Carbonation, after the initial degassing is medium. Bodied at a medium level.


Violent Shared from Opperbacco - beer 2


Violent Shared from Opperbacco brewery – beer is very crisp, dominated by the aroma and flavour of grapefruit with all the characteristics of this fruit.
We have his citrusy, its dryness, but also a slight sweetness and sour notes. We have finally its bitterness – a very clear and intensive, which determines a dry character of beer. It accompanied to the very end and it is citrusy, tart, slightly resinous.
The beer is really great, though somewhat unified taste profile.
I imagine as I drink it chilled on a sunny day, sitting in an olive grove in Abruzzo, and in front of me view on Gran Sasso mountains – it’s a pure poetry.



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