Wild Child – Saison from Dark Revolution

Here’s Wild Child, which is refreshing Saison from English brewery Dark Revolution. I invite you to read the next entry.


I have already had the opportunity to try a beer from the brewery Dark Revolution. It was the West Coast Pale Ale called So.LA, which I reviewed in that post.

I remind you that this is a very young brewery, founded in 2015 – is located in Salisbury, in the south of England.
Well, it just so happens that I have before me their another beer. This is saison called Wild Child.



As the name suggests – it was traditionally a seasonal beer. It was created in Wallonia (Belgium) and was brewed at the end of the cold season, so that it was enough for the summer months. Because in the summer beer was not produced, among others, due to the risk of infection during brewing it, and due to very high temperatures. Currently beer in this style is quite popular and brewed throughout the year by many small and large breweries.
That beer was from the assumption to be refreshing, but also strong enough to survive the summer months in good condition.

In the grist is mainly Pilsner malt, but used as an additive other barley malt and sometimes wheat or spelled. Apart from the hops are also added spices and herbs. The acidity of the saison comes from acidified malt, addition of gypsum or bacteria Lactobacillus.

It is usually ale in pale, golden, amber colour, often with a hint of orange.
The aroma is dominated by fruits, herbs, spices. There are notes of hops, aroma may be alcoholic.
The taste is dominated by fruits, spices – pungent, peppery. Additionally tart acidity, flavour of hops, malty. Clear bitterness, but not overwhelming other flavours.
Beer in this style is highly carbonated, dry and refreshing.


After this theoretical preparation I now proceed to the tasting.
So, I open a bottle of chilled saison Wild Child – just in time for warm summer afternoon.


Name: WILD CHILD (Saison, alc. 4,9% ABV)
Brewery: Dark Revolution (Salisbury, England)

(bottle conditioned 330ml)
Date of drink: June 14, 2016

Wild Child from Dark Revolution - beer (1)
Wild Child from Dark Revolution - label
Wild Child from Dark Revolution - beer (2)
test-look-small The beer is amber with a hint of orange.
It is cloudy – is visible suspension.
The foam is white, medium height, fairly quickly falling, sticks to the glass.
test-sniff-small Pronounced hop aroma.
Strongly fruity esters: citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines), and sweet pineapple.
Slightly floral note. In addition – some herbs.
test-drink-small Main, the dominant note of flavor is a combination of fruits and spices.
Fruits are mainly mandarin, blackcurrant.
Pungent spices – a note of pepper and cloves, coriander.
This combination of fruits and notes of cloves is a bit like flavour of Hefeweizen.
It is also present malty accent; adding a little bread sweets,
but in contrast, we also have a light lemon sourness.
Hop bitterness is moderate.
Finish more dry, herbal, spicy (peppery), slightly tart.
Carbonation is medium towards high.


Wild Child from Dark Revolution - beer (4)


This Wild Child is a great tasting saison.
Pleasant aroma of fruits and herbal with a hint of floral.

The taste runs in two ways: on the one hand, we have fruits (tangerines, currants), and on the other – spices: peppery and cloves notes. At moments we have the impression that we sip Hefeweizen. There are also some bread sweetness and acidity of the lemon.
Bitterness and finish are dry – herbal, spicy and slightly tart.
That beer is very refreshing and extremely tasty.





Wild Child from Dark Revolution - beer (3)


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