Yorkshire Pride from Acorn Brewery

Today I begin a series of reviews of bottled beers from Acorn Brewery.
I present: Yorkshire Pride from Barnsley.


Acorn Brewery from Wombwell, Barnsley


I feel rather ashamed that so far I have not posted any description of bottled beer from Acorn Brewery – after all, it is a local brewery. Located in Wombwell, Barnsley, and yet in this neighborhood just I live.
I promise I quickly make up for this omission: in the queue waiting six beers from permanent offer of this brewhouse.
On the excuse I will add that on the occasion of descriptions my visits in the pub many times I published tasting notes of seasonal beers of Acorn. And they were always really solid, great ales.
The more I am curious to see how will fall out their bottled from the regular offer.
Let’s get to the point…


Acorn Brewery was founded in 2003 and its founder was Dave Hughes, who still manages the company.
Previously, he was a Head Brewer in Barnsley Brewery in Elsecar. When this brewery ceased to exist (and in fact moved production to a distant Blackpool) Dave Hughes he decided to go his own way. He purchased a ten barreled brewplant from the liquidated brewpub in Stafford and moved equipment to Wombwell, giving rise to its own brewery.

Acorn continues to grow and increase their production capacity.
Apart from regular offer: six beers are available both as cask-ale and bottled, tirelessly to they release ever more seasonal beers. A multitude types of IPA can make one dizzy.
They are not afraid at the same time experimenting with hops, I still remember drunk a few months ago Pretty Green brewed from freshly harvested hops.

As the brewery informs us on its website, their production deliver to over 400 points throughout the country.
Bottled beers are present on the shelves of supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda czy Sainsbury’s.
Besides they also implement export contracts.

And I have yet to mention that Acorn brewery has won more than 50 awards. The most titled ales are: Barnsley Bitter, Barnsley Gold, Old Moor Porter and Gorlovka.
There will be an opportunity to mention this while describing subsequent beers from Acorn.


Acorn Brewery beers


Ah, and I almost forgot about something else.
In 2011 the brewery opened in the center of Barnsley a pub.
Pub named Old No.7 and it is my favourite in town. As many times I wrote: never meet in Barnsley such selection of great beers as here.


I go now to the main part of my post, which is the first from a series of Acorn’s beers – Yorkshire Pride.

Beer under this name brewery released for the first time in 2008 to celebrate Yorkshire Day. It was then hopped using Cascade and Northdown hops.

Currently, to Yorkshire Pride is used three varieties of hops: UK Challenger, Slovenian Savinjski Goldings and USA Mount Hood.
As for the malt it is here mostly very light Maris Otter (Low Colour), and as an addition Caramalt. It is thanks to them beer owes its beautiful clear golden colour.

Yorkshire Pride is described as a session beer.
This term is used for light beers with low alcohol content and pale, quickly digestible and refreshing. In a single session, you can enjoy them a little more than a heavier beers – and this is about to be described today pale ale.


Name: YORKSHIRE PRIDE (Golden Ale / Blond Ale, 3,7% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire)

Expiration date: 09/2016

Yorkshire Pride from Acorn Brewery
Yorkshire Pride from Acorn Brewery - labels


test-look-small Light golden colour.
Not high white foam, frayed, drops leaving a ring.
test-sniff-small Aromas of citrusy, hoppy.
A little sponge cakes.
test-drink-small Primary flavour are malt and citrus fruits.
There are notes of grass, pine, slightly spicy.
There is a touch of sweetness, but the beer in the general perception is dry.
Crisp bitterness, aftertaste is citrusy bitter (grapefruit seeds, lemon peel).
The beer is light, but does not seem watery – we feel that it is creamy.
Carbonation medium – still visible single strings of bubbles.


Yorkshire Pride is a blonde ale with an alcohol content 3.7% and I must admit that I did not expect such a wealth of flavours in this beer.
It’s light but not watery, the feeling is almost creamy – filled with content. It is very drinkable and refreshing.




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