Zamzama – about cannon and rural life

Today’s beer comes from organic farm, which for their headquarters chose Gun Brewery. Here is session India Pale Ale with an intriguing name – Zamzama.


Gun Brewery (Hawthbush Farm, Gun Hill, East Sussex)

Gun Brewery is a young microbrewery, founded in 2015, beautifully situated in an organic farm in East Sussex.

Hawthbush Farm is 140 acres of beautiful place and it is a prime example of ecologically run farm.
Offers vacation relaxation and is a place for occasional events for all those who want get away from the city noise and stay least for a few days surrounded by nature and to experience rural life.


Hawthbush Farm


Brewery is just one of the activities of this farm, for details I invite you to a web page Hawthbush Farm.
Gun Brewery is another brewhouse aspiring to the name – organic.
Earlier I have written about similar plants: Black Isle and Fallen Brewing. It seems that many new small breweries pleased a rural retreat and produces their beer for the benefit of nature, but for all of us at the same time.

In the Gun Brewery most electricity comes from solar panels, water – from their own intake (additionally filtered and treated), sewage biodegradable in their own treatment plant, and post-production leftovers are used as animal feed and fertilizer.

Great set ecological machine, in which the final product is beer. Beer naturally cloudy, unfiltered, without the use of fining agents, and therefore suitable for drinking as well for vegetarians and vegans.
Because usually for clarifying beer is used isinglass, or fish glue, obtained with their swim bladders – which is why vegetarians and vegans, as a rule, are not drinking those beers.


Today described beer Zamzama can be consumed by all (adults, obviously).

Whence this intriguing name for a beer, what it means?
Zamzama a big cannon, a powerful gun, which was created in the eighteenth century in Lahore, the area of today Pakistan. It was used during that time of wars on the Indian subcontinent.
Currently it is in the museum in Lahore.

Zamzama cannon in Lahore


Or beer from Gun Brewery will sweep us off our feet like a volley of cannon? I must immediately check it out.
By the way, the name of the brewery goes well with the name of their beer, and this, in turn, introduces us to the oriental atmosphere – finally, we drink India Pale Ale.

So I hold in my hand a silver grenade with red logo of the brewhouse, I pull the pin and proceed to tasting.



Name: ZAMZAMA (India Pale Ale, alc. 6,5% ABV)
Brewery: Gun Brewery (Heathfield, East Sussex, England)

Expiration date: 31/01/2017 (can 330ml)

Zamzama from Gun Brewery - beer (1)
Zamzama from Gun Brewery - can
Zamzama from Gun Brewery - beer (3)
test-look-small Golden colour with a tinge of orange.
Beer is opaque, unfiltered.
Foam white, medium height, falling slowly.
test-sniff-small Strong citrus aroma (grapefruits, oranges).
There is a little tropical (mango, lychee) and a hint of malty.
test-drink-small Leading is the mild sweetness from malt
combined with sweet fruits (mango, passion fruits, oranges, lychees).
This sweetness is not alone because soon arrives expressive, vast bitterness
– of grapefruit, slightly herbal.
Interestingly, both the sweetness and the bitterness we feel at the same time
– they run like two independent tracks, do not affect each other.
Finish combines them, which is the herbal and citrusy, dry, stone fruit, with a distinct resinous note.
But even here we feel this malty sweetness, kind of delicate, but still existing.
Saturation at an average level.


Zamzama from Gun Brewery - beer (2)


Zamzama is an interesting and refreshing India Pale Ale.
Aroma already promises strong hopping – beer smells of fruits, mainly citrus, it is also present malty accent.
Interesting flavour – kind of gentle sweetness of cereal and fruity, in which you can recognize the tropical fruits and malt. This sweetness is trying to suppress strong overwhelming bitterness with dominant grapefruit – but it fails to this intention. Two flavours, sweet and bitter, run parallel, like two shots from two guns running together to the target.
The aim is finish, combining citrusy bitterness with malty sweetness, and instead of the smell of gunpowder we feel additionally a clear resinous note.
This cannonade lasts until run out of bullets, that is – valuable contents of the silver can.




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